A Thousand Deaths

by Delta V, last updated 14 Sep 2020 17:42


A game in Twine.

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A note on navigation:
This game is not touchscreen-optimized. Certain visited nodes are demarcated by mouseover text.

Any version of Internet Explorer before IE 10 is not supported.

For the curious, the source is here.

For those having trouble navigating, there is a Normal Mode version available. (Please note that Classic Mode is the originally-intended experience.)

For those frustrated by This Sort Of Game altogether, but still might be interested in reading what I've written, there is an Easy Mode version available. And on the off-chance that someone wishes to cite what I've written, there's a version for that too (with index).

Many thanks to the beta testers here, and to Porpentine for the many Twine resources she's compiled.

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