Introduction: Hi, I'm RadThesis

RadThesisRadThesis wrote on 11 Jul 2012 03:47

Hi! I'm RadThesis.

I came across this community by chance after reading a Forbes article on the end of Mass Effect (one the article's quoted Delta V).

Anyhow, I was impressed by the tone of the discussion and the sophistication of the ideas being expressed, and so I thought I would apply to join the conversation.

In the real world, I am an academic and live in sunny Sydney. I'm new to gaming (ME was my third PS3 game). I am also new to participating in online forums—so apologies in advance for any slow responses.

Now, I know this forum seems at be a repository of critiques on the ME conclusions. And so it might seem strange that I wrote a positive review piece exploring the philosophical complexities of the game — one that defends what ME3 had to say at the end of the grand saga. But I felt, given the quality of the forum, this was the best place to share my take on ME3 (I simaltaneously posted my piece — "Poetics of Life and Death" — on the BSN, which I expect will sink quickly below the surface, leaving no trace).

Well, that's me. I look forward to continue to read your thought provoking ideas.

Best wishes, :)

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