Could Shepard have made a truce with the Catalyst?

AVBAVB wrote on 26 Jul 2012 06:45

I'm writing one of my numerous endings for my head-canon thingy. This particular ending entails Shepard making a pact with the Catalyst to leave the Galaxy alone. While I was writing, I was wondering if it was actually possible at all. I was making a few stretches that maybe felt a little unnatural. For example, I assumed that the Catalyst was actually a character instead of a mouthpiece for Hudson and Walters. With its own needs and fears, suddenly it had things it wanted. There's a little bit of this in its explanation of the EC control ending, but not much.1

So if we toss aside the author self-insertiness of the whole thing, and tried to actually make it dramatic, do you think someone could do it? And could Shepard pull it off? Bring a god figure down to an understandable level and appeal to it?2

Think about it: You wouldn't end the game with a gunshot—- you'd end it with a conversation wheel! If you could make it work, it'd be the ultimate expression of your power within the Mass Effect universe. After all, could you have saved the Rachni at the business end of a loaded gun? The Geth and/or Quarians with a grenade? Did you upgrade the Normandy with a well-placed Warp, or impress your sexy crew mates during a battle with random mercenaries? No way, man! We talked those fools to death. We clicked on a spoke and shit changed. If you lost in a battle, it was just a line of text — critical mission failure — and you had to try again. In your mind, somewhere deep down, you saw all the times your ships exploded, your pac-men died, and your plumbers fell into pits. Game over. Insert 2 coins to continue.

Indeed, we never saw the effects of the lucky Marauder shot that killed Shepard. We never watched his faithful friends mourn his sudden and unfair demise as the Reapers wiped out the Galaxy. But if you screwed up in a conversation, people's lives changed and you had to deal with the consequences. And for those moments, you could believe it was more than Just A Game.

And, really, let's be honest: who in the world was attracted to this series for the heavy pistols?3

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