Virtues and Vices: a Collective Brainstorm

Sable PhoenixSable Phoenix wrote on 31 Aug 2013 20:48

I have a bizarre scenario to posit that is going to seem unrelated to anything of import, but which will play into a thread I'm working on posting here in the future. I've apparently tapped out my own creative wells on this and I cannot think of a better place to find brains whose creativity already outstrips my own than here on AWTR.

The exercise: Visualize a group of five characters in a fictional setting. The setting is for the moment immaterial, as is anything about the characters except a specific set of attributes. What I'm trying to do is come up with one main vice and one main virtue that would make sense as concurrent values for a single, internally consistent personality. That is, there is a central operator (in the programming language sense) that results in a set of behaviors which is either virtuous or vicious depending upon context.

I've established two of these on my own so far.

Personality No.1
This personality is based on a central belief that views and choices of this personality are inherently correct and any disagreement with them is inherently flawed. This results in the following attributes:

Vice: Arrogance
Virtue: Loyalty

Personality No.2
This personality is built upon the adage made famous by Andre Agassi's old ad campaign for Canon, "Image is everything". This results in the following attributes:

Vice: Vanity
Virtue: Generosity

The remaining three are giving me trouble; I've come up with a vice for each but can't seem to come up with a corresponding virtue, probably because I lack the central motivational force. These are:

Personality No.3
Vice: Cowardice

Personality No.4
Vice: Jealousy (or Envy, which is subtly different but may work better)

Personality No.5
Vice: Cruelty

I'm curious to find out what the amazing brains here might come up with on the virtuous side to pair with these vices, and the justifications for them. Feel free to critique the other two as well, or mix and match attributes as you feel necessary (I can see Jealousy and Loyalty going together quite well for instance, although this leaves the question of what virtue could be paired up with Arrogance). It's very important that these attributes are not solely conceptual, but result in quantifiable behaviors.

And if this exercise has piqued your curiosity as to why, exactly, I'm asking this particularly bizarre question, well, good. I hope to deliver satiation to that curiosity soon.

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