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Sable PhoenixSable Phoenix wrote on 08 Oct 2013 21:57

So yeah, I'm just sitting here mostly lurking on this board lately, because between the concepts being lobbed around like cosmic ping pong balls in the games thread, the articles thread, and the films thread, the waters are way to deep for me to actually go swimming. I figure if I just float quietly on the surface long enough, some of it will soak in.

(It might also help if I had actually played the majority of the games/watched the majority of films being discussed. It might also help, also, if I refrained from mixing widely disparate metaphors.)

But amid all the discussion of violence as a primary interactive tool and interface mimesis and whether or not ludonarrative dissonance is a thing, the question keeps occurring to me: What if there was a game that got it all right? I mean, it's one thing to highlight the areas in which a work goes wrong. That part's comparitively easy. But it's another thing entirely to highlight what is wrong, and then figure out if it's possible to fix it, and if it is, exactly how. Redoing a thing that someone else already did, and fixing all the stuff wrong with it in the process, may be nearly impossible, but if you could

That would be a perfect game, wouldn't it?

So, I'm really curious as to everyone's take on this. Does a perfect game exist? Can it exist?1 Which games have you played that you think are perfect, and what makes them so? And if you could conjure it up in front of you, just like that, what would your perfect game look like?

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