Battlestar Galactica and Why is Cylon 6 a Religious Fanatic?

Hawk227Hawk227 wrote on 25 Jun 2012 23:24

As I mentioned on the BSN the other day, I started watching BSG on Netflix last week. I'm roughly halfway through season 1 and my feelings on it are largely… meh. It's bizarrely inconsistent in terms of the science* and the actions/feelings of the Characters often feel unrealistic and worse inconsistent. Also, why do the Cylons have a religion?

I'm not trying to hate on BSG, I know a lot of people really liked it and it's got potential. Mostly I'm hoping that additional perspectives will help me get over my initial WTFs.

*The vipers change direction using unidirectional thrusters like would really be needed in space, but Kara Thrace patches a hole in a downed Cylon Raider by lightly pushing her jacket against it.

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