Unique treatments of machine intelligences

Delta VDelta V wrote on 26 Jun 2012 01:42

And I'm not talking the usual Asimov or Hal references. I'm looking for obscure stuff. I want things that most people (read: me) haven't read/seen/played, and that deconstruct, subvert, or otherwise refuse to follow the (stale, overwrought, boring) conventions of AI in fiction.

I'll start with the Silicates of Space: Above and Beyond. There was a rebellion, yes - but it was started by a human programmer inserting a virus, which was a simple command:

Take a chance.

Said Silicates developed a taste for gambling during the war, which carried on and gave them the seeds of a culture. They did some nasty shit to humans (allying with the aliens and running a concentration camp on their behalf), but it produced a very different identity than just Terminator-esque determination and boring efficiency.

Anyone have more examples?

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