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What Is This Page
The title of this wikipage1 was either this, or "What are you playing?"2

How Do I Announce What I Am Playing?
Hit the edit button. If there is no section for you yet, add a section for you. Here is a code example for the @jbauck section I just added:

Now Playing:
**Dishonored** : Interesting, I like it -  needs a "punch a dude in the face" option.

Recently Played:
**Bully** : This game is my post-work-hell Zen Place of "punch a dude in the face" joy.
**A Thousand Deaths** : To sum up - Fuck, Yes.  I need to replay this, though, at a real difficulty setting before I really give my thoughts.  I sheepishly admit I ran through on easy because I wanted to Read All The Things[[footnote]] Also, I'm a save-scummer. [[/footnote]], but even then, I was totally missing a game.


Why Would Anyone Care What I'm Playing?
Because sometimes your fellow AWTR-peeps are looking for ideas - and the Awesome New Games thread is a great place to actually discuss the awesome new games you are playing, but here you can just sum up "Playing This - I dig it/don't dig it" for some people3 who might have been absent for awhile.

Erm … I Dunno … I Don't Really Want To Edit This Page
Okay. That's cool.

What Are You Playing?4

Now Playing:
Dishonored : Interesting, I like it - needs a "punch a dude in the face" option.

Recently Played:
Bully : This game is my post-work-hell Zen Place of "punch a dude in the face" joy.
A Thousand Deaths : To sum up - Fuck, Yes. I need to replay this, though, at a real difficulty setting before I really give my thoughts. I sheepishly admit I ran through on easy because I wanted to Read All The Things5, but even then, I was totally missing a game.

Now Playing:

Recently Played:
Teleglitch : not my cup of tea. Can't stand top down shooters with limited ammo.
Gunpoint : Interesting. Not a fan of the limited AI, and gameplay in general could use a good deal of polish and a bit of rethinking. Wasn't expecting it to have much of a story, but it surprised me a number of times. Hope to see more games use its style of story presentation/interaction.


Now Playing:
DA:O - Took CGG's advice (iirc) and started as a dalish elf. We'll see, High Fantasy isn't normally my thing.
Fifa '12 - It's my Skyrim.

Recently Played:
The Last of Us I enjoyed it a great deal
Tomb Raider - Meh
Metro: Last Light - Mostly liked it, but it had some problems for sure
Machinarium - It was okay.
Bioshock:Infinite - Liked it.
Bioshock 2 - It was okay. Liked some things, hated others.
Riven for iOS - Loved it.
Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas: Loved them both with reservations (Tl:Dr - They're occasionally dumb/thoughtless. Also very buggy).


Now Playing:

Skyrim: Over and over, with mods galore.

Recently Played:

See above: I cannot get out…

Play History:

See above: I cannot get out…

Also Playing:

MEHEM: The game that should have been. Am assisting Mr Fob with foreshadowing of his wonderful new ending to "that game".
Formatting this wiki entry: May ragequit soon


Now Playing:
Skyrim: YASH-based playthrough… spending much more time tweaking ENB settings than actually playing… fucking ENB…6

Recently Played:
Civilization V: One of my time-sink games that I keep going back to, despite not being all that into the game. Cannot explain it.
Dishonored: Easy 4.5/5 stars. Great game, though the replayability is nonexistent for me. No DLCs TYVM.
Demigod: Because being a demigod and cracking skulls in various deathgames is fun. Underrated game, though it remains buggy as fuck.

Now Playing:
The Witcher : Interesting, combats a bit wonky at times, and dialogue conversations can be outright bizarre at times, but the choice and consequence things have been pretty neat so far, and the story is interesting so we'll see how it pans out.
Age of Empires 2 HD Remake Easily one of my favourite RTS games remade with some touched up graphics. Still as great as I remember.
StarCraft 2 Been meaning to get around to this for a while. Just started but along with AoE2 it's reminding me how much I like RTS games.

Recently Played:
Alpha Protocol : Excellent game and I'd recommend it. Not without it's share of bugs and a few flaws here and there, but still a very good game with some pretty cool choice / consequences. Plus you're a super spy so that's awesome.

@Delta V
Now Playing:
Kerbal Space Program: Minecraft for astrodynamics. I have two little green guys stranded on the Mun at the moment; they're just happy to be there.

To play soon, I swear:
Papers, Please: Heard all sorts of good things about it.
Hate Plus: Given how much I loved Analogue: A Hate Story — and I don't know if it was clear in A Thousand Deaths, but I very much loved it — I'm expecting a lot. The three-realtime-days bit is making me wait until I can give it proper attention, though.

Recently Played:
Gone Home: Meh. (See also the large amount that's been written about it.)
Gunpoint: Clever puzzle8 game, witty and stylish, with a great central mechanic. Doesn't push said mechanic to the limit, really, but there's a level editor out for it now, so that problem may go away with time. Also, it was made by a writer for PC Gamer, Tom Francis (using Game Maker of all things), putting his money/time/skill where his mouth is. It seems to have paid off handsomely. Gives me hope.
Teleglitch: My GOTY so far. A top-down, twin-stick, procedurally generated9, draws much from DOOM and System Shock 2. Creepy as hell. Never enough ammo. Line of sight is enforced10 The Eurogamer review is spot-on. I'm eventually going to have a big ol' article about it, but KSP is getting in the way.
Far Cry: Blood Dragon: I had a fair amount to say about it.
Kairo: The RPS Wot I Think is here. Don't listen to them when they say not to compare it to Myst. It's not exactly challenging by any stretch, but I liked it quite a lot.
Starseed Pilgrim: I made a stab at it. I quit, and played Antichamber, and came back to give it another shot. I tried, I really did, but it just wasn't as compelling as everyone else11 seems to think.
Antichamber: I know @zacaj didn't like it, but in the end, I rather did. I like what it did with spaces, and with colors, and the final area was interestingly bleak. I could've done without quite so many finicky block puzzles, but the final upgrade made some of the necessary construction projects more bearable.
A Thousand Deaths: Playing one's own game over and over for debugging is…disorienting.
Howling Dogs: A classic. Seriously. Go play right now.
The Organ Trail: It's Oregon Trail with zombies. I suck at it, though, because the shooting mechanic is so gods-damned frustrating.

Things I Started To Play And Got Bored Of/Sidetracked/Distracted:
Lunar Lander: I started it just before I jumped into KSP. Big mistake, because KSP lets me do most of the same things, plus actually build and fly rockets everywhere else in the solar system. Don't know if I'll go back, really.
Far Cry 2: Well, I'm a little ways into it, then got sidetracked. I'll probably come back once I'm done Teleglitch Kerbal Space Program12.
Leviathan Warships: Just started, really. Then Teleglitch took over. Rather slow-paced, and from what I can tell the singleplayer isn't as good as the multi. Too much fiddling with individual ships, not enough hands-off big fleets a la Gratuitous Space Battles.
Dead Space: If I get more time to play, I might actually get into it. Controls are wonky as hell, though13.
System Shock 2: With all this talk of Bioshock et al, I decided to give the proper Shock a spin. Been a long time since I've played it. Wrench attack distance is wonky, though.
STALKER: Grabbed the Complete mod, and I'm giving it a go. So far, so good, but I haven't ventured very far into it yet. Has something of my sandbox problem, too…

Should Really Get Around To Playing:
Civilization V: I got a free copy when I pre-ordered XCOM. I should make use of it.

Now Playing:
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X : I've always been a fan of Resident Evil. The overall storyline has huge holes in it, but the series is meant to be a bunch of zombie B-movies in the first place, so I can forgive it.
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence : The port of the original Resident Evil to the Nintendo DS. Has touching Jill's boobs features.
Team Fortress 2 : Doesn't really count, but I'm always on VILLA'S Dustbowl server, for those who want to try and frag my ass.
Super Sanctum TD : Got this for pre-ordering Sanctum 2, which I'm not playing quite yet. It's super fun, but a memory bug keeps crashing the game, so I've put it down until it gets patched.

Recently Played:
Resident Evil 0 : Where it all started. It ended up not being as helpful timeline-wise as it should have been, but it's still fun, and the game has aged really well.
Resident Evil : The Game Cube remake. Another game that's aged wonderfully, and adds a lot of neat new wrinkles to the original Resident Evil game. I just wish my eyes could make out how Lisa Trevor's supposed to look.
Resident Evil 2 : I used to be so good at this game, I could race through it in an 1h14m. It had been years since this playthrough, and I even played through all four scenarios, but didn't finish in under two hours in any of them. I'm in love with the A-scenario credit roll music.
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis : My personal favorite of the Resident Evil franchise, even though it features the destruction of Raccoon City. It's harrowing getting away from Nemesis when he gives chase. Every time. The bastard always gets my heart rate up, and it's a bitch to outrun him. I also really love the credit roll music in this one.
Resident Evil: Survivor : A very low-poly, muddy-textured FPS Resident Evil game. It looks like shit, controls like piloting a century-old tank through molasses, and the voice acting is atrocious. I LOVE this game.
Antichamber : WOW. Think Portal on acid, but without the burden of all that storytelling crap. Just straight up psychadelic puzzles set in an interesting environment. I have to say that I totally failed at this game though, because I required a hint to one of the puzzles that I couldn't figure out myself.

In case you can't tell, I'm currently sifting through the Resident Evil franchise in celebration of the release of Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil Revelations for the PC.

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